Jeremiah is a product designer living in New York City.
As a child growing up, he would spend hours drawing and browsing magazines filled with travel photography and architecture. After high school instead of going to college like most people, Jeremiah packed a suitcase, bought a one-way plane ticket, and moved to Asia. Long story short, after spending nearly 3+ years living, traveling, and trying to figure out what he wanted to do in Asia he moved to back to the US where he landed in Austin, Texas. While taking some college classes in Austin he found himself absolutely loving and thriving in all his visual communication classes. After honing his design chops he landed his first job designing products at a small software and service design consultancy, and well... the rest is history. 

Jeremiah loves being able to take products that people use everyday and not only make them digestible and easy to use, but also beautiful and pleasing to the eye. There's not much that brings him more joy than working and collaborating with other creatives to design incredible products that make the world a better place.  

In the summer of 2016 after spending nearly 7 years living in Austin, Jeremiah and his wife moved to New York City. He hopes to never stop learning and growing as a designer and believes NY will be the perfect place to challenge and push himself to be the best he can be.